The Engineering Behind the Modern soccer balls Production

We pay great attention to the soccer ball manufacturing and the quality management.

IFAN SPORTS Soccer balls manufacturing facility

The location of our soccer ball factory in Zhejiang province, where economic and trade is developing fast, is only two hours away from Shanghai.

Constantly optimizing the production process enables us to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition.


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IFAN SPORTS is a full-service soccer manufacturer. We can help you with everything from your idea to mass production and delivery and life-time support to your business.

The Key Steps of the production

In the process of soccer ball production, there are dozens of processes, of which these steps are important to the quality of the ball.

#1 Raw materials preparation

Material preparation is the key to your order or to your soccer business.

Nobody can produce high quality balls without the high quality materials.

We always choose the best quality materials for your order.

Generally, these materials are the most popular: PVC, TPU, PU, CTPU.

If you require the balls to pass CE, EN71, Phthalates, PAHs, Prop 65, CPSIA, MSDS, or other test, the material will be ordered accordingly.

#2 Printing

A bad printing skills must drive you crazy.

This is the most skilled work.

A complex artwork could more than 50 silk printing screens, how to match the pantone color 95%+ similar, how to make it more efficient is the key to a printing worker.

Also, there are many different printing methods according to your design.

With a normal design, we could use printing screens.

With a complex colorful design, we could use the 4-color priitng method.

With a picture or photo, we could use the rollers printings.

Looking for a high quality printing supplier? Contact us today.

#3 Stitching

Stithcing is another key to a ball.

Without good and oven stitching, the ball looks terrible.


With our Automated high-precision sewing machine, we could easily control the stitching of every edge to make the ball looks more beautiful.

On the right side, you could see the difference between our soccer balls and other supplier’s stitching.

#4 Testing

The next important step is the air testing.

Actually we have tested the bladder in advance, but just to double chech, we will test the air again.

All the balls will be imflated and then, after 24 hours to check whether they leak air or not.

#5 Packaging

If you are thinking “packag is just packaging, it’s the product that really matters”, you must be setting your soccer business up for failure.

A good packaging could:

Differentiate your brands from others

Be a good marketing tool;

Create brand recognization;

Add value to your products.

Contact us todayto see how we can help you on your unique packaging.

Quality Management and Environmental protection responsibility

We have been adhering to the principle of sustainable development to ensure that there is no impact on the environment during the football production process.

Sustainable Development




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