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Material inspection

Material inspection

Bladder test

Bladder inspection

Printing Inspection

Printing Inspection

stitching inspection

Stitching Inspection

ball inspection

Ball Inspection

packaging inspection

Packaging Inspection

#1 Material Inspection

Good quality is inseparable from good raw materials.
There are several kinds of raw materials for football production, which are PVC, TPU, PU, CHINA PU and so on.

So what characteristics should we focus on? Usually leather thickness, hardness, surface color, abrasion resistance, water absorption, etc.

#2 Bladder Inspection

When we order bladders from the bladder factory, they will do the final air leaking test on their own.

When we get the new bladders, we will also have to test them in our factory, just to make sure the bladders are great to make soccer balls. not leaking air.

#3 Printing Inspection

Everyone wants to have a full and beautiful logo printing.

This depens on the quality of priting.

Before and after printing, we need to do a lot of works to match the pantone colors and to make the printing exactly the same with the artwork.

#4 Stitching Inspection

Stitching could tell a different story. Attached the difference from our stitching and other suppliers stitching.

By using our automated stitching machine, we can have a very good control of the stitchings, boost your brand influence.

You could see the difference between IFAN sports stiting and others stitching.

Ifan Sports Stitching Others stitching

#5 Ball Inspection

After a ball finished, we will do the next inspection.

To check the circumference

If the ball is round or not;

If it’s the wanted weight?

Does it leak air?

How about the bounce height?

Is the ball exactly same with the artwork?

#6 Packaging Inspection

Before Shipping, we need to double check whether assorted packing or not.

And many customers wants to have their own special packagin with a color box or with some pumps, instruction papers, and put the needle and net together with the ball.

We have to check whether we have done what clients want.

Guaranteed quality is a team effort

With our guaranteed quality inspection team, you should not worry about the quality.
Any problem in the production process, we can accurately track and locate, and improve it immediately.

Require more proof?

We offer Quality samples.

In case you need samples to fully test the soccer ball parameters, we are ready to make you soccer ball samples in accordance to your specific needs for your approval, fast.

And if any details should be adjusted, we are willing to do that for you to match your application requirements.


Every product test report is a diligent pursuit of quality. IFAN SPORTS has been committed to meeting the relevant laws and regulations of the customer’s target market, so as to produce football that leads the market. If you have any questions about product testing, please contact us today.

Physical and Chemical Checks

According to different laws in different countries, the legal requirements for football are also different.
A football that meets the legal requirements can be used for advertising, training, gifts, and display purposes by testing the following physical and chemical properties according to your needs.

Generally speaking, it involves the following tests or properties:

Physical properties: Roundness, Weight, Abrasion Resistance, Water Absorption, Flame Retardancy, etc.

Content of heavy metal elements; Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; Phthalates; Material Safety Data Sheet; Prop 65; CPSIA;

And more…

Physical and Chemical Checks



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