What is the proper air pressure for a soccer ball?

What is the proper air pressure for a soccer ball?

Actually that depends on what kind of soccer ball you need to pump!

Here is the proper answer from a soccer ball manufacturer, just for your reference.

So, where did we get this data?


Generally speaking, you are allowed to pump more air into a better quality soccer ball.

But you can’t do the same thing to the basic quality ball, or the leather stitch will tear.

What caused this difference?

1, Bladder:

You must be familiar with this:

When you continue to blow into the balloon, the balloon will gradually expand until it finally explodes.

Soccer ball bladder is just like the balloon.

How about making a protective cover for the bladder?

The nylon wounded bladder and the cloth-wrapped bladder are the protective covers of the bladder.

You may not be familiar with these two names.

Don’t worry, just imagine a 1000+ meters long nylon rope evenly wrapped around a balloon. (This is Nylon wounded bladder.)

And a layer of very strong cloth covered around the balloon. (This is Cloth-wrapped bladder.)

How about now?

You can definitely pump more air into the stronger bladder.

2, Outer Cover Material:

Of course the outer cover matters.

For the promotional soccer balls, in general, customers choose to use PVC as the outer cover in order to achieve marketing at the minimum cost.

But relatively speaking, TPU or PU will be stronger than PVC.

If you pump too much air into a PVC soccer ball, the leather stitch is not as strong as TPU or PU, it will tear.

But PU or TPU balls could suffer greater air pressure.

3. Production Process

This is also a very important factor affecting soccer ball air pressure.

Generally speaking:

Laminated version > Hand Stitched version > Machine stitched version.

The reason is this:

There is no visible stitching or stitching thread on the laminated soccer ball, which means every panel is glued well with each other.

The stitching thread of hand stitching soccer ball is thicker than machine stitching thread.

The thicker, the better, and stronger.

There are also some other factors, but these 3 factors play a more important role.



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